Once upon a time a long time ago, a group of young people had two things in common

'MOTORCYCLES' and of cause 'BEER'


at the public house of the same name at Hardstoft in Derbyshire.

With about 15 members who met on a monday night the club did all ythe usual things, ride outs,

charity events and of cause rallies. In 1980 it was decided that we would hold our own rally

'THE COWPAT RALLY' the name was chosen because of the farms & countryside

that surrounded us. So it was decided one of the silly games would be

cowpat throwing with a prize for the longest distance thrown (yes we used real cow shit)

Apparently this is a real event in the good old U.S of A, but of cause being American they dry them

out first like frisbees, wimps! We liked them sloppy, the sloppier the better!

Around 200 people attended our first rally, which was fantastic for a first rally. Over the years as the

rally got bigger so did the attendances, one year over 700 people attended. The club also grew in size

at our peak we had over a 100 members. Over a 1000 members have been through the club

and many new clubs have been formed of the back off the back of Shoulder of Mutton Mcc.

We have had numerous meeting places, The Shoulder of Mutton, Hardstoft,

The Shoulder of Mutton, Clay Cross, Amber Valley Rugby Club, Pye bridge,

The Erewash Club, Pinxton, The Dog & Doublet, Pye bridge

and finally where we meet now The Black Horse, Lower Somercotes.

The club remains much the same, It's members like to ride out, Party and be a little different than normal,

With no politics or rivalry. The club gets on with it's own thing whilst having a good time.

Remember a Club is only as good as its members, members come & go 'the club remains for others'